As part of the Growth Engine, we create high-quality campaigns to keep you engaged with your community through informative and delightful content!

Campaigns At-a-Glance

What is a Campaign?

  • A campaign is a series of written and graphical content that informs, educates and engages members of your community.
  • Campaigns are distributed across multiple marketing channels; like Facebook, email, and website.
  • Campaigns have ad budget to put your content in new contacts’ newsfeeds.
  • We nurture your contacts with campaigns; through interesting emails and newsletters.
  • Campaigns include event promotion where we can drive valuable attendance for you.

Why do we have Campaigns? 

  • Steady, quality communication cultivates loyalty and awareness of your brand.
  • Campaigns allow us to build your contacts so you can engage with more of your community.
  • Staying in front of your community means you will be the one they call in their time of need.

How are campaigns managed?

  • Each piece of a campaign is created and distributed by the Growth Engine on your behalf; at levels dependent on your subscription. (It’s easy!)

Are you ready to have a steady stream of professional campaign content?