Fill Your Funnel, Experience Growth

The Growth Engine is your automated digital marketing solution. By combining original, exclusive content with our proprietary software, the Growth Engine is like having the world’s best death care marketing team working around the clock for your business... for pennies on the dollar.


Finally, the key to turning Facebook into business.

Fill Your Funnel

The Growth Engine grows your business effortlessly by reaching your community where they spend time, capturing contact information, and nurturing them until they are ready to take action.

It’s got all the content you’ll ever need, which means you never have to write a single post or email. Our proprietary software delivers the content to the right people at the right time, so you never have to lift a finger.

With Growth Engine managing your marketing funnel, you can sit back and spend time doing what you do best: serving your growing customer base.

The Growth Engine fills your funnel with contacts,
in 5 automatic steps:


Reach the 79% of adults who are on Facebook with your message.

The community member sees your engaging post on Facebook, building familiarity and trust with your brand.


Link Clicks

Move prospects to landing pages with engaging

The community member clicks on the link in the Facebook post and moves to a webpage, learning more about cremation memorialization options and other relevant topics.

Link Clicks


Capture contact info with targeted offerings (i.e. "Lead Magnets")

While on the webpage, the community member provides their contact information to receive an estate planning checklist.



Heat up your contacts, and stay top of mind, with relevant follow up emails.

The community member receives emails from your firm providing engaging and educational information about the benefits of pre-planning.



Get the first call when your leads are ready to take action.

When the community member is ready to take action to pre-plan, they call the firm who’s been consistent with them - yours!


REAL RESULTS: Case Studies


The Growth Engine uses campaigns to find people in your community who have interest in a topic, collect their contact info, and further engage them on that topic, constantly filling your funnel. Each campaign is easily deployed at the push of a button, bringing you contacts and business on whatever topics best fits your funeral home or cemetery.

Do You Really Need a Will?

What Are My Funeral Options?

Why the Holidays Are Not Always Jolly

What to Say to Someone Grieving a Loss

Regrets of the Dying – Practical Steps

The Meaning of Flowers Quiz


The Growth Engine is turn-key and all-inclusive, meaning everything your funeral home needs to succeed with digital marketing is there, and JUST WORKS!

Facebook Marketing

Landing Pages/ Contact Collection


Contacts Manager


Growth Engine Pricing

  • Primary Goals 
  • Include locations 
  • Facebook Posts 
  • Boosted Posts 
  • Branded Landing Pages 
  • Contacts Collection 
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) 
  • Nurtured Contacts 
  • Price for Additional Contacts 
  • Marketing Campaigns 
  • Website 
  • Email Newsletter 
  • Aftercare Emails 
  • Hot Lead Alerts 
  • Advanced Pre-need Campaigns 
  • Personalized Drip Nurturing 
  • Custom Targeting 
  • Strategy & Account Manager 
  • Comment Monitoring & Reply 
  • Enterprise Dashboard 
  • Advanced Reporting 


  • Educate & Engage
  • 1
  • 250
  • $200/block
  • Basic


  • Consistent leads
  • 2
  • 1,000
  • $100/block
  • Nurtured


  • Maximum leads
  • 2
  • 2,500
  • $50/block
  • Advanced


from $2,995
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Free
  • Custom

What Funeral Directors Say About the Growth Engine

"After years of being on Facebook, I started to think it wasn’t possible for it to turn into business for my funeral home. Now, with the Growth Engine, not only am I building a community around my brand and seeing an increase in business, I’m clearly seeing results at every step of the way."

Eric Keyser | Funeral Director and Owner
Keyser Funeral & Cremation Service

With 81% of people only calling one funeral home when they’re in need, it’s vital to your funeral home to get that first call.

Funeral Innovations gets you that first call.