The internet has changed everything. People today research and book services online. Will people in your community find you online? And if they do will they call or will they keep on searching?

Websites are more than static billboards for obituaries. They are representations of your brand, reputation, services and facilities. Does your website represent you? When it’s time for a beautiful and functional website keep in mind we create these for our Premium and Elite customers.

Visual Representation of You: Treat your online guests the same way you treat those that walk through your doors by showcasing your facilities and services with beautiful photos and descriptions. Use your website to educate and inform your visitors with resources and provide ways to connect with your visitors long after they leave your site. Funeral Innovations offers this as an included service for our Premium and Elite clients.  

Enabling Interaction: Your website can be a tool for those in your community. Our online obituaries allow people to write tributes, light candles and post photos to help them heal when they have lost someone they love. Simply invite next-of-kin to the Family Portal and they can choose what they are most comfortable with.

We enable the bereaved to contribute towards the cost of services – directly to your company through our healing registrywhich also allows them to order flowers and gifts, pre-selected by the family, from your preferred providers.

Online Arranging: Allow families that want the convenience of online ordering have it. When they have an immediate need, and find your website, you can provide an easy way for them to shop and pay for their services online. We can even facilitate e-signature documents to streamline the process that works hand-in-hand with your online arranging service. We offer this functionality as an upgraded package.

Website Features At-a-Glance

Healing Registry

  • Allow families to customize individual flower and gift requests
  • Earn commissions on every order, with no work required
  • Ability to disable products on any obituary
  • Add in-house items to online ordering
  • Support online buying of flowers from local florists
  • Automate donation collection on behalf of the family that go directly to the funeral home to cover expenses


  • Light candles, leave comments, and even send condolences privately to the family
  • Turn off all tributes for an individual within the community

Online Arranger


  • Get legally binding documents signed online from one or more family members

Mobile friendly

  • Our websites display beautifully on any platform from desktop to phone

Social Media Integration

  • Add pictures and videos to an obituary directly from social media accounts
  • Get more website visitors with links automatically being added to your Facebook posts that drive traffic to your website


  • Websites are built for contact info collection
  • Create an ever growing list of contacts in your community, strengthening relationships with them


  • Collect and promote valuable reviews that build trust from the community

Event promotion

  • Allow every visitor to see your upcoming events and increase attendance

Healing Registry – This feature allows the bereaved to send flowers and gifts from your authorized vendors based on the loved ones’ preferences.

Donation Capabilities – Allow people to contribute to cover the cost of services – directly to your company.

Online Arranging – Allow your guests to build and price their own services. They can pay online, and we can automate the collection of multiple signatures that are required – electronically.