We are pleased to announce that our Special Days Feed in the Social Media Copilot is ready for 2017 and is bigger and better than ever!

Holidays, and specifically Special Days, on average perform 40% better than other posts. Special Days delight, sometime surprise, and create great conversations through the post’s comments and shares.

This year we’ve upped our game with 51 custom designed special days posts as a part of the Social Media Copilot Reach Package, 12 more posts from last year.

Here are some of last year’s most successful posts:

Kids Day Self Improvement Month

Parents Pet Memorial Day

Simplicity Day

We have kept some of last year’s favorites, removed some that didn’t perform well, and have included some great new posts.   

Check out what we have in store this year!

You can access your 2017 Special Days feed by logging into your Social Media Copilot, you’ll find it to the left in the Campaigns category. We’ve automatically scheduled the next 6 months of these posts for you; there’s nothing more you need to do. However, if there are any you don’t want posted, just click the orange Unschedule button to prevent it from be published.

Are you new or don’t remember if you have these scheduled?

We’ve got you covered. Anyone with the Reach Package or higher automatically has these posts scheduled. If you are currently an Educate subscriber, and would like to look into upgrading your package to include these 51 posts, contact us today!