What is a Facebook Marketing Partner and how it benefits your firm

We are pleased to announce we are an official Facebook Marketing Partner!

What does this mean? Facebook launched the Facebook Marketing Partner Program (FMP) to connect businesses to industry leading experts specializing in areas such as: Ad Technology, Community Management, Creative Platforms, Small Business Solutions, Offline Conversions and Performance Measurements.

As leaders in the digital marketing field with 10+ years of experience in death care, we are thrilled to be among this list of leading professionals carefully selected by Facebook and we wear our badge proudly.

Facebook Digital Marketing Partners deliver critical insights, innovative technology, and personalized digital marketing support to their clients. These principals align perfectly with the service we strive to give our clients.

How does this benefit your firm? As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’re acknowledged experts in social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Facebook ad campaigns and more. We are here to support your creative needs and solve your digital challenges, thereby helping your firm get the most out of its marketing campaigns.
Our Growth Engine software and digital marketing services help you reach more people, build better relationships with your community, collect contact information from families, and stay in touch with them for years to come.

We’ve worked with over 650 death care professionals. Our team of certified experts are knowledgeable on how to customize content specific to your firm and our massive content library allows you to personalize your feed and campaigns with proven content.
We help you reach, educate and engage Facebook followers in order to build awareness of your business.

We provide you with the content and software to connect with your community by following the best marketing practices and knowing how to apply them to this unique industry. We let you worry about your family’s needs while we make sure to reach the right people with the right messages at the right time.

Don’t Forget! We’re here to help. Schedule a Demo today; or Contact Us if you’re in need of any assistance.