By zack

On Saturday Funeral Innovations will be speaking at the OGR conference about a topic anyone reading this blog post will be keenly interested in: Social Media.

More specifically, we’ll be showing attendees how they can leverage social media to gain significant traction for their websites, obituaries, and announcements. And even more importantly, we’ll show folks how they can convert that traffic into actual dollars!


Here I’ll present a preview of the concepts we’ll cover in the presentation. If you’re attending OGR, this should whet your appetite for the talk. If you’re not attending, be sure to let me know in the comments which concepts you’ll like me to expand on more in future blog posts. If you’re interested in getting the full presentation, let me know and I’ll send it to you.


First, it’s important to recognize that the funeral industry is changing. It’s changing because of the internet, web-based software, cloud computing, and social media.

Some people are intimidated by the thought of this change. They are afraid because they are unsure how to take advantage of the new opportunities, and they feel their competitors will benefit more than they do. Unfortunately, most people who are afraid of change refuse to take action.

There is no stopping this change. A year from now, those who embrace the internet, web-based software and social media will see dramatic increases in revenue and market share. Those who continue to fear it will begin a long and gradual decline.

The good news is that through Funeral Innovations’ solutions, our OGR presentation, and right here on our blog, we’ll educate you on the steps you need to take to use this change to your benefit. You’ll learn how to be one of the funeral homes that comes out on top!


Do you even know how social media began or even what it is? More importantly, where is social media going in the future and how can you prepare for that? Facebook announced some mind-blowing new features that provide an insight into the future of social media. We’ll talk about how those effect you, and how you can be the first to leverage them in order to drive more traffic.


There are 3 essential steps in order to have your funeral home succeed online. Each step must be embraced fully, and you need to change your business to focus on these 3 steps.

  1. Promote (your brand) – You must learn how to use social media and the internet to give your company it’s own unique branding and “voice.” You must position yourself online so that your company stands for something, and customers and partners know what they’re getting when they see your name.
  2. Distribute (your content) – Distribution via social media can change the way your business operates. Never before have we seen such powerful distribution channels as we are now encountering via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and search engines. Do you know how to use these channels to push critical traffic to your website and obituaries?
  3. Monetize (your traffic) – You’re traffic is literally worthless if you have no means to turn the eyeballs to customers. Unfortunately, most funeral directors don’t even know where to start in order to monetize their traffic. That’s because there are few good solutions out there for turning your website and online obituaries into revenue engines. Over the next few weeks Funeral Innovations will be announcing a revolutionary set of ground-breaking monetization solutions, that will open amazing new revenue streams through your existing web properties. I’ll highlight these opportunities at OGR and will be posting more information about them here on the blog.

Again, this is just a preview of the material we’ll be covering on Saturday. If you’re in Colorado for the OGR conference, be sure to check out the full presentation. Otherwise check back here on the blog – we’ll be creating more posts to help explain these concepts so that you can begin to take full advantage of the web-based change that you’re currently facing.

If you’d like access to the full OGR presentation, send us a tweet on Twitter at or send me an email at