By zack

Our Social Media Copilot is already the industry’s most popular Facebook solution, helping over 500 funeral homes and cemeteries reaching millions of people.

Our Social Media Copilot Reach package has been the workhorse, providing funeral homes and cemeteries with custom branded, original content, boosting posts for massive reach, and promoting over 60 holidays and special days throughout the year.

We’re excited to announce we’re enhancing the Social Media Copilot Reach package in a BIG way!

As a New Year’s gift to you, we’re taking your Facebook presence to the next level with 3 new features, free of charge.

  1. Premium Video Library – we’ve unlocked access to our premium, custom branded video library for ultimate reach and education. Video posts reach 104% more people than an average post, and our custom-built, native videos will get your pre-planning, grief and education message to a much larger audience.
  2. 2017 Holiday Videos – we’re scheduling our new Holiday videos to help you cut through the noise on important days. Our 2017 Holiday videos are branded with your logo to build top of mind awareness on critical days throughout the year.
  3. Rapid Response Posts – we’re providing you access to our successful “Rapid Response” posts to react to relevant celebrity and notable figure deaths, within hours of their announcement. These posts position you as the go-to resource for funeral and cemetery news, and puts you at the forefront of real-time, topical discussions.


Our new custom video library (left) and Rapid Response posts (right) are two of the ways we’re enhancing your Social Media Copilot experience!

We’re upgrading your account to provide access to these big new features, absolutely free of charge. It’s just our way to continue ensuring your firm is the Facebook leader in your community.

If you’re already a Social Media Copilot Reach customer, there’s nothing further you need to do. We’ll automatically schedule your Holiday Videos, you’ll start seeing our premium videos show up in your post schedule, and you’ll be notified of real-time, rapid response posts as notable people pass away.

If you are not yet a Social Media Copilot Reach customer, just contact us and we’ll get you rolling to ensure you don’t get left behind on Facebook in 2017!