We often get asked the question, “What value does Facebook bring to my firm?” This question can be challenging to answer in an easy-to-digest way, so we are bringing you this blog to explain just exactly why Facebook brings so much value to your funeral home.

Brand awareness

Facebook is, by far, the best social media platform for a funeral home to be a part of. Why? The people.

68% of all adults use Facebook, while only 28% of all adults use Instagram and 24% use Twitter. 17% of women and 16% of men on Facebook are 45 years old or older*.    

For a funeral home, it’s clear that Facebook is the best social media option to be engaged with, however being on Facebook isn’t enough. You must actively participate in order for people to see you, your brand.

That’s where our Social Media Copilot comes in. It stays active for you, keeps your logo and name out in front of people in your community, so you can worry about more important things.  

However, we still see some firms that choose to leave Facebook and more that choose to go it on their own. The chart below is an example of what happens when a client chooses to stop using our Copilot to reach their audience on Facebook. You’ll see the sudden and massive drop in both reach and engagement of their Facebook page.

Who is seeing their message now? Facebook won’t just fill the void with their friends’ posts, but instead with other companies messages – perhaps even their competition!  


One of the best tools Facebook can be for your funeral home is a platform to educate. Why does education bring value to your funeral home? We all know the answer to this – educating on the value of a funeral or celebration service is the number one tool that can lead to sales.

Let me ask you…

How does one know to choose a funeral service instead of just immediate cremation? Education… on knowing the importance a service plays in starting the grieving and healing process.

How does one know what to expect with a cremation? Education… on understanding what will happen and the variety of options available.

Why does a family choose to preplan? Education… in understanding the benefits that preplanning brings, to the individual and their family.

Posting regularly, educating on all these topics, is the fastest and most effective way in today’s society to get in front of your local community.

Reaching your community

A huge value that Facebook has, that all other social media platforms are still trying to achieve, is targeting. Facebook makes it so easy to get in front of the right people, in the right community. You can target people specifically by age and location, and more. You can choose if they are passing through a location, or what’s best for funeral homes, is choosing those that actually live in that location.

These targeting options offer such value to Facebook as a marketing solution. An average cost per reach for our clients on the Reach Package of the Social Media Copilot is $0.02. Two cents per person reached! I bet you can’t beat that price through any other form of traditional or online marketing!

What is that worth to you?

Facebook provides immense value, but are you convinced yet? What is the value of brand recognition and education to the community you serve worth to you?

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*According to Pew Research Center Statistics