By greg

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Funeral Service and Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin (FSCA). Through this partnership the FSCA has joined an education initiative that will help association members effortlessly educate their communities on a variety of industry relevant topics through Facebook.

“The Funeral Service & Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin (FSCA) is excited to have partnered with Funeral Innovations. This unique partnership will surely benefit the FSCA members who take part in the wonderful social media services Funeral Innovations can provide. I look forward to the mutual benefits this will surely bring to all involved,” says Erin Longmire, FSCA Executive Director.

The FSCA is was founded in 1996 and and one of their key objectives is to improve the public image of funeral directors. Through our collaboration, we will utilize our Social Media Copilot to work closely with the FSCA board to create unique content that is exclusive to their membership to showcase the value of funeral service and position the funeral director as the go-to resource for funeral related topics.

“The FSCA is a group of very progressive minded funeral homes focused on the future. I’m excited to collaborate with their membership and explore how we can enhance public education of funeral service,” says Greg Young.

If your association, or organization, would like to join the education initiative, please contact Greg Young at .