By zack

The focus of Funeral Innovations is to build a unique synergy between your website, mobile experience and social media. We were the first company in the funeral service to introduce QR Codes, through our Remembrance Codes offering. QR codes have proven to enhance the amount of mobile traffic to our partner websites. We are now proud to announce that we are offering this service free to all of our partners!


By placing the Remembrance Code on your stationary items, you allow visitors and family to easily scan the code with their mobile device and instantly be taken to the obituary in your website. Once on the obituary they may check in to the service, leave condolences and upload photos. Plus, the Remembrance Codes helps your funeral home differentiate in your community and stand out as a modern and progressive firm that people want to talk about!

Recently we’ve made a change to our Remembrance Codes product to be instantly generated when you create a case. The Remembrance Code can easily be saved to your computer and added to your stationary software like any photo. Once added, you create a permanent bond between the stationary and the permanent online memorial.

The key advantages of adding the Remembrance Code to your stationary are:

  • Increases the amount of traffic to your website through a simple user interface on mobile devices.
  • Provides instant access to the permanent online memorial and allows families to engage with your website.
  • Helps your company differentiate from the competition.
  • Turns traditional stationary items into permanent keepsakes
  • Provides an entry to offering Remembrance Codes on granite and bronze memorials to link the permanent memorial to the online memorial on your website.

Just click on the Remembrance Codes tab within the Case Manager to get started!

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to use this free service to bring more value to the families you serve.