Meet Jack and Jill.

Follow Jack’s journey as he speaks with his mother about her future funeral arrangements. He starts looking online to take the steps needed, but only finds obituaries and doesn’t easily find the information he needs – and never follows through.

Now meet Jill. She has also started to think and discuss her mother’s future funeral arrangements. She receives a timely Facebook post about grief planning that she responds to by visiting a local funeral home website. She wasn’t quite ready to start planning at that time, but added her email address to receive emails for future planning events and information. Because Jill received information from email and Facebook, when the time came to pre-plan she knew EXACTLY where to begin and who she wanted to contact.  

Treat your contacts like Jill. Stay top of mind in your community and when the time comes for families to pre-plan they will come to you. Not sure where to begin? Funeral Innovations creates powerful, automated, online marketing systems and customer relationship, creative content and customer relationship management tools for death care companies. The result is long-lasting relationships with your community and opportunities to educate your contacts — so they are prepared when their need arises. The best part about Funeral Innovations? All of this is done for you – from creating the content and graphics, distribution on social media, email contacts and even website design – all with minimal time and investment.

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