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There are 800 million people on Facebook. Are you getting their business?

FI Social Sites helps you harness the viral power of Facebook through its powerful “Fan-Gating” technique and Microsite. Learn more below, contact us to get started, or See A Live Example Now


Did you know that sending new visitors to your Facebook Page’s wall is a lost opportunity? If they don’t fan your page the first time they see it, they’ll probably never return.

Social Site’s “Fan-Gating” shows non-fans a custom splash page to convince new visitors to become a fan, thus gaining you long-term marketing exposure to them. We’ll help you increase your fan conversions by up to 300%!


Engage your Facebook Fans! Social Sites offer an exclusive microsite, a full-fledged tabbed website right within your Facebook Page.

Drive Customers

Let your Facebook Fans pre-plan without leaving Facebook. Social Sites’ offer Facebook-customized pre-planning widgets embedded within your Facebook Page.

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