By zack

Previously we introduced to you insight into the future of the funeral industry courtesy of Apple’s iPad.


Now we’ve already got a success story to support this vision!


‘If you are looking to simplify your business, this is the solution for you,’ says Scott Erickson of Foster Funeral Home.


In anticipation of the iPad release last Saturday, Funeral Innovations spent two months developing the web-based FI Arrangement Kiosk, which greatly simplifies the arrangement process for both at-need and pre-need consultations.


Gone are the days of carrying sales books with your general price list, vault images and casket images.  This week the industry changed forever. You can now step through the entire arrangement process with the family driving the decision process with their fingertip.  

‘It was truly amazing.  I was able to allow the family to make their own decisions on the screen, letting them feel like they were in control.  The Kiosk guided the family through the entire decision process and I was able to consult them along the way,” adds Erickson. 


The FI Arrangement Kiosk, a completely web-based product, allows a funeral director to seamlessly enter products from any product vendor with a click of a mouse, or touch of a screen.  Prices can be easily adjusted, giving you a complete virtual sales kit in minutes. Using the Arragenment Kiosk on the iPad puts the customer in control, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in their selection process.


This is the first step in a roadmap that will result in the best software suite in the industry, all accessible and optimized for the iPad. Each solution, when accessed via the iPad, provides a powerful, portable and always-accessible sales tool, allowing you to consult with families at your facility, the comfort of their own home, or any location of their choice.  

To learn more on how you can make the Arrangement Kiosk and iPad work for you, contact Funeral Innovations at 800.641.0173 or


If you’d like to talk to a funeral director who is already seeing results using the Arrangement Kiosk on an iPad, feel free to contact Scott Erickson at 515.832.2111.