Learn where to find topics and what tools can help you create Facebook posts more quickly

May 17 – Video 2

Check out this week’s video to learn where to find the right topics to talk about. (Hint: You probably come across some every day). Then Alex shares some powerful (and free) tools available online that help create terrific Facebook posts.


We’ve drawn on a decade’s worth of data to define the why, the what, and the why not discussed in this video. Be sure to watch to the end to learn how to get a free, downloadable guide!


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The power of proven content

Join us each Friday in May to learn why and how to create content communities love. Facebook posts, emails, and newsletters build connection and respect, but only if you do it with sensitivity and heart. 

May video schedule

May 3 – Welcome and series introduction

May 10 – 4 types of content – what we’ve seen work and why

May 17 – Choosing topics and creating posts – How to do this efficiently and some tools to use

May 24 – How to highlight your firm in a way people love (and the pitfalls of doing wrong)

May 31  – Why and how to post consistently


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