Getting started with video

by Chantal Gauthier | September 10th, 2019 | Posted under Education, Facebook, Resources, SEO, Social Media

Guess what’s coming to the death care industry? Video. Video. Video. Recent studies show that businesses who use video as part of their marketing and sales content grow 49% faster than businesses who don’t. That’s an enticing number. Now, if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but our industry is different. How can we use video for end-of-life…

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Should You Put Detailed Prices and Online Arrangers On Your Firm’s Website?

by Amanda Jones | April 17th, 2018 | Posted under Announcement, Growth Engine, New Features, SEO, Website

Funeral Innovations has been asked this question quite a bit lately, so we decided to explore this question in depth. In the online world we live in today, almost everyone learns, shops and compares information and products online. We know it’s true when we read statistics such as, “96% of Americans with internet access have...

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Does My Google Keyword Rank Mean Anything Anymore?

by Amanda Jones | March 23th, 2018 | Posted under Education, Growth Engine, SEO, Social Media, Website

Keyword ranking has traditionally been a critical part of measuring a website's success… but things have changed. Over the last decade the focus has been on keywords, keywords, rank and keywords. Marketers and business owners wanted to see those keywords showing number 1 page results on Google, Bing (and Yahoo?). Why? Because we knew that...

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Do More With Less (Using Technology to Improve Your Funeral Home)

by jackie | November 03th, 2016 | Posted under Education, Email, Facebook, SEO, Social Media, Website

There are many ways that funeral directors can use technology to do more for less. Upgrading your accounting software, offering clients an electronic guest list, having an integrated business management software and using an online, integrated obituary system. These are all great technology platforms that can help you serve your families, in less time.  …

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7 questions to ask yourself when assessing your technology needs

by jackie | November 03th, 2016 | Posted under Education, Email, Facebook, SEO, Social Media, Website

A firm should assess its technology needs as often as possible. The beauty of technology is that the results can be measured in real time, so you can constantly analyze where your strategy is successful and where there is room for improvement. We suggest you review your firm quarterly or even monthly if possible. Some…

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Use Anchor Text to Improve Your Funeral Home’s SEO

by zack | May 15th, 2012 | Posted under SEO, Website

Do you want better search engine optimization (SEO) for your funeral home and your obituaries? Of course you do! Here is a quick tip for improving your SEO. Anchor text is a term that refers to the clickable part of a link on a website. In the fol…

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Own Your Obituaries

by zack | May 03th, 2012 | Posted under SEO, Website

It was announced recently that was acquired by a larger company, one that is heavily invested in the ad business. There was much discussion of this acquisition on other sites, and there seems to be a lot of confusion and misdirection re…

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Top 5 Funeral Innovations Blog Posts of 2011

by zack | December 28th, 2011 | Posted under SEO, Website

The end of another year means another opportunity for a year-end list! Here’s you’ll find the 5 most popular Funeral Innovations blog posts of 2011. If you missed any of these, be sure to read up on them to stay on top of the industry! As a bonus,…

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