By zack

Do you want better search engine optimization (SEO) for your funeral home and your obituaries? Of course you do! Here is a quick tip for improving your SEO.

Anchor text is a term that refers to the clickable part of a link on a website. In the following link, the anchor text is the word “here”: Click here to visit our site.

To improve your SEO, you should ensure your anchor text includes the keywords for the destination link. If your anchor text is “here”, like in the example above, you are not helping Google associate relevant keywords with the link. Let me give you a more concrete example.

Suppose your local newspaper’s website is going to link to your funeral home’s website. That’s great news, because more links mean better SEO! However, not all links are created equally. To get the most bang for your buck, the anchor text for the link should include your funeral home’s keywords.

Can you guess which of the following links for Urban Funeral Home is more beneficial?

Click here for the best funeral home in Ambler


Visit the best funeral home in Ambler

The second option is better, because it associates the words “Ambler funeral home” with the Urban Funeral Home’s website. That will improve Urban Funeral Home’s rankings when someone searches on Google for “ambler funeral home” or “funeral home in Ambler.”

Now let’s apply the same concept to obituaries. How can you ensure the obituaries you provide your families show up prominently in Google when someone searches for that individual? The first step is to ensure that when you link to the obituary, you include the obituary name within the anchor text.

Example: Visit the obituary for LeRoy Hans Munson

Understanding how your can utilize anchor text to target keywords is a great first step to improving your funeral home’s SEO! See what I did there? 🙂