Hey everyone Alex McCracken with Funeral Innovations here again. In this next series of video blogs, we’re going to be talking about the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

Yellow Pages
Anything that is analog
Anything you’ve been using for over 20 years

Google Ads
Pretty much anything online

The whole idea behind why we’ve gone from traditional to digital marketing is because the consumer is now driving the conversation. After years of hearing the consumers always right, they’ve taken that to heart and realized they are right. Now they want information from their brands the way they want it. And that has drastically changed how every single company interacts with their community and their consumers; including the funeral industry.

What your families want is information differently. It used to be sufficient to provide one message as a funeral home of who you are and have families come to you. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. You can’t take a single faceted approach and get the right message out to everyone. You’re going to have to have multi-facets for each individual segment of your population.

That’s the beauty of digital marketing. You can go out and have a personal conversation with individuals in your community without increasing your workload. Not only that, you can get information back. So, it’s a two-way conversation now. And with this conversation, your families get more information while you adapt how you’re reaching out to your individual community members using digital marketing.

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