A firm should assess its technology needs as often as possible. The beauty of technology is that the results can be measured in real time, so you can constantly analyze where your strategy is successful and where there is room for improvement. We suggest you review your firm quarterly or even monthly if possible.

Some questions you should ask yourself as you appraise your existing website and digital marketing strategy:

  1. Do you have a responsive website design, which looks great on mobile devices?
  2. Is your website optimized for SEO, meaning people in your community who search for funeral services in your area are can easily find your site?
  3. Are your obituaries static billboards for the deceased, or do they offer revenue-generating opportunities such as flower sales, and do they generate new leads through interaction and newsletter signups?
  4. Are you utilizing Facebook to reach your community with your message and educate folks on the value of your services?
  5. Are you effectively growing your presence and reach on Facebook and generating engagement with people in your community?
  6. Are you using email marketing, which is considered by many to be the most effective form of digital marketing?
  7. Are you utilizing email to generate leads, promote your local events and educate your audience?

The sooner you can start improving your website and digital marketing strategy, the better positioned your firm will be for lasting success.


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