We are thrilled to launch the new Funeral Innovations website! After months of hard work the site went live in January 2018.

Our goal when building the site was to present the Funeral Innovation’s Growth Engine and all of its components in an easy to understand fashion. The Growth Engine is a multi-faceted, end-to-end digital marketing solution designed only for those in the death care industry. The most remarkable aspect of the Growth Engine is that all of the high-quality content created by us, for our clients, is customized per our clients branding, is managed automatically — and is affordable!

Because the Growth Engine is comprised of so many modules, with even more features, we wanted to describe it all – including images and detailed descriptions.

There is information about all the components of the Growth Engine including:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email & Newsletter Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign & Event Marketing
  • Lead Management (CRM)

Each section describes how we create campaigns that are automatically distributed through each of these digital marketing channels. Check out samples of campaigns that include Facebook posts, Facebook ads, emails and landing pages – all customized with our clients’ names and brand. These campaigns achieve our ultimate goal to grow our clients’ audiences, collect contacts, generate leads and build community around their brand. And our lead management system helps keep our clients organized as their audience grows!

We hope that you will enjoy our new website as much as we do! And, if you aren’t a Growth Engine client yet Contact Us for a demonstration and we can show you our complete and affordable solution!