By zack

Is your business currently taking advantage of Facebook to engage and educate your community on the services you provide?

Over the past few years we have kept a close eye on the impact Facebook can have on our funeral home partners’ marketing strategy.  Traditional marketing methods of direct mailings, newspaper and radio are continuing to become more expensive and less effective.  Social media has continued to grow in popularity with both large cities and small towns. Our team at Funeral Innovations has worked hard over the past year in collaboration with our funeral home partners to deliver the FI Copilot – a turn-key Facebook marketing engine for your funeral home!


The Copilot will deliver engaging, hand picked content to your Facebook page with as much or little interaction from your staff as you’d like.  Content that is proven to get results will be placed on your Facebook page on a schedule that works for you.  Your staff has full control of monitoring what is posted through email notifications to ensure the message represents your brand. You can even customize the message and schedule your own, custom content to maximize your brand’s message! 

Many of our partners are already witnessing the advantages of the Copilot, reaching hundreds and even thousands of people in their community every week!

If you are not currently using the Copilot, please contact us and we can arrange to activate it for your business.

We need your help!  Please forward this email to any pre-need insurance companies or marketing companies you work with.  We are in the process of expanding the Copilot to insert educational and engaging pre-need marketing content to your Facebook page.  By getting your pre-need companies onboard, we can further increase the impact on your social marketing efforts!