Funeral Innovations integrates with Gather to help funeral professionals who use Gather easy transfer of information

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Funeral Innovations

West Des Moines, IA, SEPTEMBER 3

Funeral Innovations is pleased to announce a new integration with Gather. The integration between Funeral innovations’ Growth Engine marketing platform and the Gather software allows mutual customers to save time when case information added in Gather is automatically pushed to Funeral Innovations software.. The integration allows automatic obituary publication to Funeral Innovations websites as well.

Gather is growing quickly among Funeral Innovations clients, so we’re delighted to integrate to make it easy for those who use Gather to manage their cases and keep their Funeral Innovations website in sync automatically,” said Zack Garbow, Co-Founder of Funeral Innovations. “Because Gather is web-based and their team is so innovative, they make for an ideal partner and their services really appeal to our progressive clients.” 

A common goal  between the two companies is to guide funeral directors towards success and this made the partnership easy. This integration with Gather allows funeral homes interested in taking their digital marketing to the next level to work smarter, not harder. 

“We’ve made the integration really intelligent, so it’s going to sync everything that they want it to sync, “ said Zach Chatterton, CEO of Gather. “It can see the profile photo that the family uploads, if a date and time on an event is changed in Gather or even on their calendar on their phone, it will sync directly to Funeral Innovations, so it’s always up to date.”

The integration with Gather expands Funeral Innovations’ seamless organization of information to make the transmission of data easier than ever, so that funeral directors can focus on their families and not on their marketing.

About Funeral Innovations

Funeral Innovations is the leading provider of digital-first marketing for funeral homes. Its mission is to help funeral professionals build meaningful relationships online, increase relevance and capture more market share. Funeral Innovations blends a firm’s website, Facebook and email marketing seamlessly to grow the firm’s business without growing its workload thanks to its automated Growth Engine software. Growth Engine allows 500+ firms and cemeteries to reach more families before, during or after a death. It’s the easiest, most comprehensive digital marketing software in the industry.  For more information on Funeral Innovations call 303-437-9006, email us at,  or sign up for a demo at

About Gather

Gather is an innovative case management platform built specifically for funeral homes. It recognizes funeral directors’ hard work,  and firmly believes that helping families through the loss of a loved one is one of the noblest professions. Gather’s team has been working to reimagine funeral home software. Their vision is to give funeral directors a world-class, easy-to-use solution that helps both the funeral home and the family. For more information, visit

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