By zack

Facebook Pages don’t grow by themselves. In order to grow your fan base, you must take action to promote and market it. Once you do, your Facebook Page will prove to be an invaluable marketing tool, each and every day.

Follow the tips below and your fan base will be growing in no time!

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1. Invite Your Friends

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But this is where you must start! There are two ways of inviting your friends directly on Facebook:

1. The “Invite Friends” link on the right side of your Facebook Page lets Page admins select a bunch of friends to invite at once. 


2. The “Share” link on the left side of your Facebook Page lets anyone share the page to their personal profile, with an optional message. This is actually more effective than the invite friends method above, since sharing it to your profile makes it more noticeable to your friends.


2. Promote on Your Website

Add the Facebook “like” or “recommend” button to your website, so visitors can become a fan with a single click, without leaving your site! You can construct the code for this button from Facebook:



3. Add Your Facebook Page to Your Email Signature

You can set this up in just a couple minutes, and it’ll continue to pay dividends by promoting your Facebook Page to everyone you email through out the day!



4. Hook to Twitter

Why update your posts in two places each time? Synchronize Facebook with Twitter, so every time you post to your Facebook Page, it’s automatically tweeted to your Twitter account!

It’s extremely easy to setup: just to go to synchronize your accounts.



5. Add Facebook to your Business Cards

Each time you hand out a card to a colleague or community member, they’ll have your Facebook address in the palm of their hand! 



6. Add Facebook to Your Obituary Notifications

We send thousands of obituary notifications on behalf of our clients, each day. And every email contains a link to their Facebook Page.



7. Get a Vanity URL

By default, your Facebook Page’s web address (URL) will be long and obscure, with a bunch of meaningless numbers and letters. Fortunately, Facebook lets you shorten it to something easier to remember!


Facebook used to require you to have at least 25 fans to get a vanity URL, but now every page can!

Just go to to choose a shorter address for your Facebook Page.

Just one word of warning: once you set your username, Facebook will not let you change it!

8. Facebook Comments

Replace your blog’s comments with Facebook comments to gain more exposure and distribution. Every comment that is left is also optionally shared to the user’s Facebook profile, providing more distribution back to your blog!

Additionally, any comment you add is also posted to your funeral home’s Facebook Page, engaging your fans. You can find the comments plugin here:


As an added bonus, Facebook Comments dramatically cut down on spam, since it requires a valid user account!

9. Fan Gating

Did you know that sending new visitors to your Facebook Page’s wall is a huge lost opportunity? If they don’t fan your page the first time they see it, they’ll probably never return. 

Fan Gating is a technique to show a custom splash page to non-fans, encouraging them to “like” your page and become a fan, thus gaining you long-term marketing exposure to them. Fan-Gating has been shown to increase your fan conversions by up to 300%! 


10. Share Good Content

Sharing good content is the single most important way to succeed on Facebook. The reason is that when your fans engage with your posts (like, comment, or re-share), two important things happen:

  1. Subsequent posts by you will be shown to them more prominently by Facebook.
  2. Your post will be exposed to your fan’s social network, thereby promoting your page to new potential fans! 

In other words, good posts result in more growth.





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 To get 10 bonus tips, visit our Facebook Page now!