Funeral Innovations and Funeral Decisions software now share information to help funeral professionals better track their leads



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Funeral innovations

West Des Moines, IA, FEBRUARY 25

Funeral Innovations paired up with Funeral Decisions to add a software integration feature that makes it easier for funeral professionals to keep their contacts organized while generating and nurturing potential leads. The CRM functionality of Funeral Decisions allows for an automatic transfer of information from Funeral Innovations to Funeral Decisions software programs to better track a lead that goes from neutral to hot.

Family members in Funeral Innovations software automatically receive aftercare grief support, education, and other information to help them recover from a loss. The new integration allows for family members stored in the Funeral Innovations software to be automatically added to Funeral Decisions’ CRM. Funeral Innovations software tracks interactions, and when a lead becomes hot or requests preplanning information, Funeral Innovations sends the contact back to the Funeral Decision CRM for follow up.

What this means for you, the funeral professional:

  • Save time and ditch manually transferring contacts as they become hot leads
  • More leads are pushed down the funnel to sales where more closes happen
  • Better organization of contacts means no one is being forgotten or lost
  • Track your leads’ progression to better predict outcomes

About Funeral Innovations

Funeral Innovations is the leading provider of digital-first marketing for funeral homes. Its mission is to help funeral professionals build meaningful relationships online, increase relevance and capture more market share. Funeral Innovations blends a firm’s website, Facebook and email marketing seamlessly to grow the firm’s business without growing its workload thanks to its automated Growth Engine software. Growth Engine allows 500+ firms and cemeteries to reach more families before, during or after a death. It’s the easiest, most comprehensive digital marketing software in the industry.  For more information on Funeral Innovations call 303-437-9006, email us at,  or sign up for a demo at

About Funeral Decisions

Funeral Decisions offers funeral homes and cemeteries of all sizes technology that increases sales, helps provide better customer service and stretch marketing dollars. Whether you’re a single funeral director who follows up with all leads or a salesperson on a team at a multi-location company, Funeral Decisions helps you help more families. For more information on Funeral Decisions, email or visit

Interested in more information or do you currently use Funeral Decisions and want to set up your data integration? Emai us at or call us at 800-641-0173.

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