Why the quality of your Facebook content and your overall marketing mix matter more now than ever.

Facebook made a huge announcement this week about the way it chooses what is shown in users’ newsfeeds. Facebook’s VP of Newsfeed, Adam Mosseri, boils it down in an interview with Wired Magazine: “The new algorithm will favor content that draws a lot of comments over posts that are popular, but don’t elicit comments…. it’s really about creating more good—helping newsfeed become a place where there’s a vibrant, healthy amount of interaction and discussion.”

So what does this mean for your funeral home or cemetery? Content that drives meaningful social interaction is more important than ever. Companies that pay to show ads on Facebook will not be affected; although they do expect people to spend less time on Facebook overall and for the cost to promote ads to rise over time – meaning effective and targeted ads will become more important than ever.

What this means to you is organic posts that drive engagement (comments and discussions) and creates an overall sense of well-being will be favored. The implication is that funeral and cemetery companies should not rely only on Facebook ads – but balance their efforts between Facebook (both ads and posts), website, email marketing and nurturing with quality content. Content that is likely to generate discussions deeper in meaning, with open-ended questions and spur conversations.

So in short — it’s important to make your marketing efforts count! You can deliver meaningful content that builds community with creative and thoughtful content in a variety of ways — and will keep your company top of mind when it matters.

Ready for the good news? If you are a Funeral Innovations or Growth Engine customer we are always optimizing your high-quality and engaging content for the latest Facebook rules. If you are not a client yet – let’s get started! We make it easy by providing software and content to reach the right people in your community with the right messages at the exact right time.

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