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FIRM:  Coast to Coast Cremations
SIZE:  Locally-owned
TOOLS USED: Growth Engine, online arranger, website, Google ads, landing pages


Coast to Coast Cremations needed a way to attract people from a specific community to the cremation portion of their business, a low-cost sister company to their traditional funeral service business. Many times, firms will out-source different aspects of their marketing to individual vendors who specialize in each. This can get complicated, time consuming for staff, and very expensive.

The challenge was to improve Coast to Coast Cremations’ business with a strong digital presence and marketing strategy, without breaking the bank. We sat down to devise a plan and this client chose to utilize our simple online arranger, Growth Engine for Facebook management, a website redesign, Google ads, and accompanying landing pages. The goal was to see if we consolidated resources down to just Funeral Innovations, would we narrow their marketing budget and successfully grow their contacts.


phone calls from a local retirement community in one month

$600 saved
on a new custom website that took 3 weeks, instead of the 8 weeks they were quoted from another vendor

growth in business over the last 1-2 months.

No middle-man fees
If the budget wasn’t used, then the client wasn’t spending additional money paying a third-party.


We were able to consolidate services in one place that our client previously distributed among different vendors. This made communication more efficient since contact was centralized and saved the client money in the meantime. By bundling services into one place, there were no additional middle-man fees to be paid since all work was done directly with Funeral Innovations. 

We selected a package for Coast to Coast Cremation that specifically fit their marketing goals and needs. Managing website traffic, online arrangements, digital advertising and social media all in one place will significantly increase audience engagement and reduce budget spending. We saw an average of 35% growth in business at a firm that decided to go all-in, so we know that finding someone that takes care of everything actually does make a difference. 

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