By zack

Remembrance Codes are an exclusive offering developed by Funeral Innovations that creates a permanent link to a deceased individual’s online memorial via a 2-D barcode (or “QR Code”). This one-of-a-kind remembrance makes it easy for the family and friends to visit the online memorial and leave memories, without having to remember a long URL or typing a Google search.

For funeral directors, Remembrance Codes drives additional traffic to the online obituary on their website, and creates customer loyalty and buzz when the Remembrance Code is displayed in a cemetery, or in the family’s home.

Remembrance Codes are available to be installed within a glass case on the granite memorial, or as an elegant, framed keepsake in the family’s home. Funeral Directors have also been printing Remembrance Codes right on the service handouts to allow service attendees to quickly read and write tributes from their mobile phones!


The St Paul Pioneer Press, one of the premier newspapers in Minnesota, recognized the unique value of this technology and the benefit provided by the funeral directors who use it. They talked to us about Remembrance Codes and published a very fascinating article.


I talked with one of Funeral Innovations’ customers, Roberts Family Funeral Home in Forest Lake. Owner Kelly Roberts told me the QR codes used in memorial folders have been well received, once attendees figure out what the codes are (many have no idea).

“I’ve had to explain what it is,” Roberts said. Once they understand, “They say, ‘Oh, wow, that’s neat.’

“They see it as a unique way to remember and honor their loved ones, from here on out well into the future,” he said. “People who attend the memorial will keep the folder knowing they can go back to access the memorial” via the QR code.


Be sure to read the full article here.