By zack

2013 was by far our best year yet, as we’ve released many exciting new products, features and partnerships to help funeral homes grow online. We are deeply grateful to all the amazing funeral homes we work with in our effort to move the industry forward.

In case you missed anything, here are the highlights:

Social Media Copilot

The Social Media Copilot was the hit of 2013! The Copilot makes it easy for funeral homes to engage and grow their fan bases. In fact, Facebook posts published by the Copilot reached over 1 MILLION people in your communities in 2013!

The Copilot content library now consists of almost 2,000 posts, hand-picked to engage your funeral home’s audience. In addition, we released a handful of new content feeds including a “Special Days” feed, pet loss feeds, and “Branded Photo Boards”, which automatically customizes grief-related photo boards with your funeral home’s logo for the ultimate viral branding on Facebook.

Through the launch of our new Copilot Captain program, we’ve helped funeral homes increase their fan count in their communities by over 50%!

Finally, we launched Copilot Insights to help show you exactly how many people are seeing your posts on Facebook, and which are the most popular, without ever leaving your email inbox!

Talk of a Lifetime on Facebook

We are excited to have partnered with the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) to help you share the Talk of a Lifetime campaign with your funeral home’s Facebook fans!

As part of our partnership with FAMIC, we released a free version of our Social Media Copilot that automatically publishes the Talk of a Lifetime content to your funeral home’s Facebook Page.

Want to try the free Talk of a Lifetime version of the Copilot? There’s absolutely no cost and you can cancel at any time.

Just take this link to get started:

Healing Registry

Our Healing Registry e-commerce solution got even better in 2013, with a mobile version to make it easy and accessible on even the small screens of smart phones.

For the year, our partners have seen a $63 average CPM through our Healing Registry. In other words, every 1,000 obituary visits has resulted in $63 of flower and gift sales!

To put this in context, our Healing Registry gets over 50% higher CPM than what we’ve observed with other obituary e-commerce solutions!

Funeral Innovations is Growing!

We were excited to welcome a new member to the Funeral Innovations team this year. James Arama joined Funeral Innovations as a software developer, and he brings an unmatched work ethic, curiosity and creativity to the funeral industry. James is set to graduate from Marist College in New York, with a major in Computer Science, and experience working at Intel as well as a high school national championship programming pedigree!



Looking Forward to 2014

As great as 2013 was, we can’t wait to show you all awesome things already in the works for 2014!

We’d love to partner with you in our mission of helping funeral homes grow their businesses online. If growing your company sounds good to you, contact us and see how we can help!