By zack

Facebook recently announced a big new feature called Graph Search. This is Facebook’s answer to Google Search, but it works differently than Google, and if utilized properly, provides an enormous opportunity for progressive funeral homes on Facebook to pull ahead of their competition.


Facebook Graph Search, while not yet open to the public, will allow you to search on Facebook and use the huge amount of structured data that Facebook has collected (think of the trillions of connections between people and other people, places, and things) to show customized results that are most relevant to you.

For instance, someone could search:

  • funeral homes liked by my friends
  • funeral homes that are liked by people in Madison WI

In other words, we are looking at a powerful new concept: social search.

For instance, a person who needs to find a funeral home can use Google to find a general listing, or they can use Facebook’s Graph Search to find funeral homes that their friends like or are connected to. This improves the results, because you trust your friend’s opinion more than you trust Google’s listing.

Why is this such a huge opportunity for your funeral home? As people start using Graph Search for finding businesses such as funeral homes, the ones that will show up most in the searches are the funeral homes that are already engaging their large fan bases. This will drive new customers and provide an additional sales channel similar to Google searches!

In other words, Facebook is now giving an enormous benefit to those businesses who are already making the most of their Facebook Pages!

To take advantage of the upcoming Graph Search rollout, continue to engage your audience. Make sure you get people to like or comment on your posts, to help continue your viral growth and make it more likely that your funeral home will show up highly in Graph Search results.

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