We are pleased to announce that our Holiday Posts are going to be a little different this year. Our set of 2017 Holiday Posts are not graphic, image posts… but videos!

Holidays perform 40% better than other posts on average on Facebook. But with more competition for attention on holidays, it’s important to cut through the noise. With our new Holiday videos, we get your community’s attention and spread your reach and message even further!

Why Videos?

Videos on average on Facebook receive 104% more reach than non-video posts. Why is that? Videos communicate an idea better than anything, and are more eye catching in the Facebook news feed. Videos can also be educational without being dull, offering a bite-size learning experience.

Although Facebook’s algorithm consistently changes, it strongly favors videos…of a certain type. There is a difference between posting a video from Youtube vs. posting a video directly to Facebook, as a “Facebook video,” which is how we post videos to your feed. Facebook only favors these videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook.

That’s why our entire Holiday video set is completely native, posted directly to Facebook, and even branded with your logo!

What are the videos about?

Our 2017 Holiday Videos last between 19 seconds to 77 seconds. You’ll see that each one is very unique in style and content, and all are genuine and custom built. Many relate to missing a loved one during the holidays. You can’t find these videos anywhere else!

Perhaps the best feature is our ability to brand each video; placing your logo in the top right corner of the video for the video’s complete length. Your community, in seeing your logo, will separate you from your competitors. Branding yourself with these Holiday Videos will help bring strength to your company in being known as the go-to professional in funeral care.   

How do you get the Holiday Video Posts?

Last year we created our initial video feed for our clients with the Social Media Copilot Engage package, on topics ranging from funeral pre-planning to ways to help a grieving friend. These were so successful that we’ve expanded our video library, added the new Holiday videos, and best of all: we’re providing all of these videos to Social Media Copilot Reach subscribers, free of charge!

Our Copilot packages have taken new shapes this month and now, if you have the Reach Package or higher, you’ll automatically have the Holiday Video Posts scheduled into your feed! Plus, you’ll get the original 13 funeral industry related videos as well.

If you are on the basic Educate Package, contact us today to learn more about upgrading so you can enjoy the reach and branding benefits of custom videos.