In a Small Market? We can still find folks interested in preplanning with your firm.

  FIRM:  Small, family-owned firm
  LOCATION:  Midwestern town of about 3,500 people
  SIZE:  <10 employees


After one small-town funeral home cared for generations of families in its community, they decided social media needed to be part of their marketing strategy. During one of our client consultations, we determined that finding new ways to generate leads was crucial for their business. It was time to see what Facebook could deliver.

Funeral homes and cemeteries are often skeptical of the value of Facebook when it comes to growing their business. So we offered to run an experiment to see if we could generate preplan leads for them in a small community.


hot leads generated

number of hours it took to find interested leads

size of firm’s market


We analyzed their community and targeted their ideal market, launching one of our “hot leads” ad campaigns on Facebook and targeting men and women between the ages of 50 and 65. We know this audience works. We’ve tested it with other campaigns and seen repeated success as a group likely to preplan. Proven preplanning content from our library delivered polished, branded imagery and copy and directed people to action.

Within three hours, we had generated five hot leads, each containing a name, phone number, and zip code. And every single lead was in the targeted service area.

So, if you need leads, we can get them for you, even in a small town. Our Growth Engine digital marketing software uses Facebook posts, ads and proven content coupled with additional digital marketing tactics like email nurturing to make leads even easier to convert.


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