By zack

Roberts Family Funeral Home is a funeral home in Forest Lake, MN, a small community north of the Twin Cities. Owner Kelly Roberts wanted to work with us to deploy a custom web presence for his funeral home that emphasized its strong ties to the community.

Not only is Roberts the only family owned funeral home in the Forest Lake area, but they are active pillars within the community, organizing grief support groups, charity walks, and even trips to watch the Minnesota Twins baseball team!

Therefore it was important to Kelly that his new web presence demonstrated Roberts Family’s strong community bond. In addition, Kelly had other goals for his new web presence:

  • Provide a unique, one-of-a-kind design to differentiate from the corporate owned firms in his area
  • Create and display an engaging video to showcase his firm’s highly personal approach
  • Highlight their popular blog, which was already one of the top ranking funeral home blogs on Google
  • Prominently honor those he serves through engaging online obituaries

How’d we do? We are extremely proud of the result! Just take a look at Kelly’s new funeral home web presence and see for yourself!


Focus on the Forest Lake community

We designed the site to be community focused in several ways. Visitors immediately notice the large, colorful banner depicting the lake setting that residents of Forest Lake are so proud to call home.


Additionally, the background of each page uses a subtle Forest Lake “plot map” as texture.


The site is also full of warm and inviting colors to help it serve as a celebration of life, rather than focused exclusively on death.

Showcase Video

We worked with Kelly to create a showcase video for his home page, based on a wonderful script and storyboard he developed. The video does a great job of highlighting the “Roberts Family Difference!” Take a look:

Highlight the Blog

Roberts Family Funeral Home’s popular blog is among the top rated for funeral home blog searches on Google! We wanted to highlight this blog, especially since it serves as a hub for their community, so we prominently placed it in the side column of the home page.


Honor Those Served

It was important to Kelly that we make the online obituaries engaging, interactive, and easy to find. Up to 80% of funeral home website visitors are coming to interact with the obituaries, so it’s crucial that these are placed prominently on the website. For the Roberts Family website, we placed them horizontally immediately under the home page banner, making them among the first things a visitor sees when he or she visits the site!


Easy to Find and Contact

We wanted to make it extremely easy to find their facility in Forest Lake, and just as easy to contact the Roberts Family Funeral Home staff. To meet this goal, we placed a map, contact information, and a contact form in the footer of every page on the site.


Amazing Mobile

Finally, to make the Roberts Family Funeral Home website accessible and engaging to the increasing number of people who access it from a mobile device, we deployed a mobile version of the site. The mobile version is automatically display to visitors from mobile devices and is optimized for their small screen sizes and to be faster loading.

By optimizing the mobile experience, visitors on mobile devices stay on the site longer and have more engagement.

Take a look at how the site and obituaries look on an iPhone or Android device.




We’re very proud the Roberts Family Funeral Home web presence. If your firm is looking to create and deploy a custom web presence, we’d love to talk to you about how we can work together! Contact us here.