This year for Valentine’s Day, we thought it was the perfect time to try out something new. Something that would share love in a fresh way and encourage those feeling the loss of a loved one.

So we created a Special Day Tribute email to send to a sampling of 5,000 subscribers who had interacted with one of our funeral homes in the last year. We wanted to reach people who had experienced a loss recently. 

This email asked people to post a graphic and share a comment of love on the obituary of their loved one. The email garnered a terrific response. A total of 112 people clicked through and posted a Valentine’s tribute about someone they loved. These comments posted directly to the funeral homes’ website under the obituaries of the appropriate loved one where everyone could see. See some of the heartwarming comments below.

This campaign far exceeded our expectations. We plan to create additional tribute emails for holidays to come. 

Emails and newsletters are a proven way to reach your audience. Here’s how to capitalize on them so you can successfully grow your business. By asking people to share messages about the loved ones they are missing, your business benefits by building connections, increasing engagement, and driving traffic to your website. 

Building connections is an important foundation for funeral professionals. Allowing people to share loving messages gives people an appropriate space to pay tribute. This compassion for loss builds connection, not just between those sharing the messages, but between you and your families. They notice how much time and effort you’re putting in to making sure they are taken care of and well past the service itself. 

As people comment, the engagement with your business improves. You want people to continue to engage with you through email, comments on your website, and on social media. Then, when engagement stays consistent, awareness will stay consistent, and that builds customer loyalty. 

Getting people to click through to your website is a huge deal. It keeps them engaged with your firm, gives you additional opportunities to serve them, and adds another way to connect with them. As a funeral professional, first you want to drive traffic to your site, but then you want to keep them there. It’s important to have a modern, well-designed site because this becomes your “digital storefront.” The site should be up-to-date and loaded with useful information answering common questions your families ask. 

If you’re interested in being a part of our next tribute, or have questions about improving your website and you’d like to learn more about how we can help, email us at or call us at 800-641-0173.