By zack

Magic Videos by Funeral Innovations are the easiest and fastest way to create and publish tribute videos. If you are unfamiliar with Magic Videos, they let any funeral director generate beautiful tribute videos online in literally minutes.

What makes our videos so magical?

First of all, any photos posted to an online obituary are automatically available for use in a Magic Video. That means family and friends of a deceased individual collaboratively contribute the photos to be used in their tribute video. The funeral director can then easily add more photos through a simple drag and drop interface.


But the real magic occurs next. Once the photos are loaded and a song is chosen, a funeral director clicks “Submit.” By the time he or she is done with their cup of coffee, the video is rendered and published straight to the online obituary! Not only that, but any new photos used for the video are published to the photo gallery of the online obituary as well. The video file is then available for the funeral director to burn to a DVD to offer to the family or play at the service.

Think about that for a moment: within minutes, not only can you generate a gorgeous video tribute, but also have the video and the photos published to the obituary without lifting a finger!

Oh, and did we mention that the Magic Videos arecompletely web-based, meaning there’s nothing to download and you can generate videos on any computer anywhere in the world?

Having photos and videos on your funeral home’s obituaries are important for multiple reasons:

  1. The obituaries become much more engaging to the visitors
  2. More content drives more traffic to your funeral home’s website
  3. Rich, beautiful obituaries shows that your funeral home values permanent, online memorialization, helping differentiate your brand

Want to see a Magic Video in action? Watch Savitri Jeethan’s tribute video.