By zack

Previously we explained how Google’s new +1 feature allows Google users to vote on search results that they find particularly useful. The votes are then used by Google to promote the pages in the search results of other people in your network.

Yesterday, Google released new +1 buttons for websites, allowing webmasters to put the voting button right into their website to make it easier for Google users to vote on their page. 

Today, FI announces that we’ve already integrated the Google +1 buttons in all of our supported obituaries! In addition to the existing Facebook recommendation buttons we already include, the new +1 for Obituaries will make it easy for visitors of an obituary to promote and share it within their network of contacts. 


The advantages of the +1 for Obituaries is that it helps distribute the obituary, and more importantly, helps the obituary page within the funeral home’s website show up higher in search results and bypass 3rd party sites that often try to steal away your valuable obituary search traffic.


Want to see the +1 for Obituaries in action? Just go to any FI obituary, like this one.