By zack

The wait is over: the Social Media Copilot’s 2016 Holiday and Special Day posts are live! And this year they are bigger and better than ever.

Let’s back up a moment and discuss why it’s critical to post content on relevant holidays and special days throughout the year on Facebook.

  1. Show your community that your firm is about celebrating life, not just focusing on death
  2. Holiday and special day posts are proven to get more engagement and reach
  3. Become the trusted hub for social media content
  4. Spread your brand with beautiful, viral posts

55 Custom Built Graphics

This year our Social Media Copilot holiday and special day feeds are bigger than ever with a whopping 55 custom built graphics celebrating all the major holidays as well as fun and important national days and months throughout the year.

Best of all, your logo is automatically added to every photo before posting, ensuring your brand gets maximum exposure!

Get The Posts Now!

If you’re a Social Media Copilot Premium customer, you’ve already got the posts. Just login to your Copilot and click “Schedule All” for the 2016 Holiday and Special Day campaigns. One click and you’re done; the Copilot is amazing, huh? 🙂

If you’re not using the Social Media Copilot Premium, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get all these great posts, huge fan growth, unparalleled community reach and much more. If you’re using the Talk of a Lifetime version of the Copilot, or Copilot Pro, contact us to upgrade today.