Coming Soon…

by Zack Garbow | September 21th, 2010 | Posted under Website

I know the blog has been quiet lately. But it’s for good reason: we are cooking up some BIG things that will change the industry and your business. At Funeral Innovations, we aren’t about sticking to the status quo. Heck, “Innovation” is in our na…

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Facebook Obituaries 101

by Zack Garbow | August 05th, 2010 | Posted under Education, Facebook

Many funeral directors are just beginning to recognize the incredible value of an effective social media strategy. With over 500 million people on Facebook, there is a huge opportunity to leverage that platform to grow your funeral home! The basis…

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Buyer Beware: The Dangers of Closed Obituaries

by Zack Garbow | May 27th, 2010 | Posted under SEO

Almost all funeral home websites utilize some flavor of online obituaries. At first glance, they might all seem the same; but in fact, online obituaries come in all shapes and sizes. From paid offerings to free ones. Minimalist or full featured. H…

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The iPad Test: Can Your Funeral Home be Run From an iPad?

by Zack Garbow | April 06th, 2010 | Posted under Website

The “Age of the iPad” has arrived, and it started with a bang. Over 300,000 iPads were sold by the end of the first day, and the impressive debut even drove up Best Buy’s stock significantly. What’s the big deal? The iPad has the potential to revo…

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