Funeral Innovations is growing!

by zack | July 05th, 2017 | Posted under Announcement

As more and more funeral homes and cemeteries have discovered the ability of digital marketing automation to reach their community and generate and nurture leads, we’ve found ourselves struggling to keep up. As the pioneers of digital marketing automation for the death care profession, we’re constantly on the look-out for great people, who understand the importance of…

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Father’s Day Newsletter + 12 More!

by jackie | June 14th, 2017 | Posted under Announcement, Email

We are happy to announce that we have 13 new newsletters to choose from in our Email Copilot, including one perfect for upcoming Father’s Day. Simply log into your Copilot and choose which email you’d like. If you’re not familiar with our Email Copilot, we offer one-click newsletters, where you are able to create and…

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Best Custom Posts for your Facebook Page

by jackie | June 07th, 2017 | Posted under Education, Facebook

We frequently get asked about custom, local posts for your Facebook page. Are they necessary? What makes a post great? Where can you make posts with images and text? The list goes on and on… We often use the phrase “Schedule a year’s worth of Facebook posts in just 5 minutes!” Although we can schedule…

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Is your website contract expiring soon? READ THIS!

by zack | June 02th, 2017 | Posted under Social Media, Website

Many funeral home and cemetery website providers lock their customers in with long term contracts. This is nice for the website provider, because then they know they’ll be making money from their customer (YOU) for a long time, even if their service and offerings stagnate. In fact, since they’ve got their customers locked in, they are…

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Empower your customers with our new Family Portal

by zack | May 30th, 2017 | Posted under Announcement, Website

We understand that your funeral home’s success depends on your ability to satisfy the needs of the families you serve. The more you exceed their expectations, the more organic growth you’ll enjoy through repeat business and word of mouth marketing. We want to help you delight the families you serve by empowering them during their…

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Is your firm’s Facebook page set up correctly?

by jackie | May 04th, 2017 | Posted under Education, Facebook

It’s always good to check over your firm’s Facebook page settings to make sure you’re not missing something. Here are 5 easy things to check on your page, to ensure it works as the best marketing tool for you! 1. “Funeral and Cemeteries Service” You can mark your Facebook page’s category as a number of…

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Expand Your Online Gift Giving Options to Include In-House items

by greg | May 02th, 2017 | Posted under Announcement

(A Healing Registry Exclusive) One of our partners, Sietsema Vogel Funeral Home, was approached by a local company to provide custom Memory Bears as a keepsake offering to the families they serve. What makes the teddy bears unique is that they are crafted from an article of clothing from their loved one. In the first year of…

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Don’t Get Bitten By a Zombie Facebook Page – The Plight of the Unofficial Facebook Page

by zack | March 29th, 2017 | Posted under Education, Facebook

Zombie Facebook Pages are out there, sucking the life from your funeral home’s branding and stealing away your visitors. Don’t let your funeral home or cemetery fall victim! What’s a Zombie Facebook Page? Facebook’s real term for a Zombie Facebook Page is an unclaimed business page, or unofficial page. It’s a page automatically created for your…

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