Check Out 3 New Campaigns in Your Growth Engine library!

by Amanda Jones | April 06th, 2018 | Posted under Growth Engine, New Features, Resources, Website

These educational and nurturing campaigns are now available for you to schedule for your firm. If this content is not part of your subscription, contact us and let's talk about upgrading your account today! Celebrating and Understanding Memorial Day Email Series & Giveaway Grieving from a Distance Email Series & Downloadable Guide Leaving a Legacy...

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Funeral Innovations at ICCFA Las Vegas… Stop By To Win!

by Amanda Jones | April 04th, 2018 | Posted under Announcement, Events, Growth Engine, Website

Are you delivering a great experience to your community that builds brand loyalty? People expect personalized experiences, anytime, anywhere. Digital Marketing can put your brand where your community is… online. That is where our affordable, end-to-end, digital marketing solution comes in. Will you be attending the ICCFA Las Vegas? Funeral Innovations is and we can’t...

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Does My Google Keyword Rank Mean Anything Anymore?

by Amanda Jones | March 23th, 2018 | Posted under Education, Growth Engine, SEO, Social Media, Website

Keyword ranking has traditionally been a critical part of measuring a website's success… but things have changed. Over the last decade the focus has been on keywords, keywords, rank and keywords. Marketers and business owners wanted to see those keywords showing number 1 page results on Google, Bing (and Yahoo?). Why? Because we knew that...

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8 Website Essentials for the Death-Care Industry… Does Your Website Stack Up?

by Amanda Jones | March 16th, 2018 | Posted under Education, Growth Engine, Website

Is your website an old-fashioned "static" billboard? Or a valuable resource for your community? Take a look at your site with fresh eyes and ask yourself the following questions. Is it clear just what services you are offering? Do you highlight what is important to your online guests? Do you give them as much information...

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Facebook: Go From “Meh” to Magnificent! Funeral Innovations and KB’s Upcoming Webinar!

by Amanda Jones | March 13th, 2018 | Posted under Announcement, Education, Facebook, Social Media, Website

Facebook recently changed the rules of how and what shows up in people’s newsfeeds. How does this affect your death-care business’s marketing? And what can you do about it? Join Zachary Garbow, co-founder of Funeral Innovations, as he discusses the implications of this massive Facebook shift and how a balanced, end-to-end digital marketing strategy is...

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New Newsletter Articles For Our Clients! Check Out the Latest Growth Engine Content: St. Patrick’s Day, Before I Die and more!

by Amanda Jones | March 08th, 2018 | Posted under Announcement, Growth Engine, Website

If you are already a Growth Engine client, you are aware of the hundreds of high-quality, in-depth newsletter articles we have produced for you. But have you seen what is new? Here are excerpts from the new articles – log in to the Growth Engine to view and schedule them! What St. Patrick’s Day Can…

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Facebook: Organic Posts, Boosting and Ads — What’s the Difference? And What is Best for Your Death-Care Firm?

by Amanda Jones | February 27th, 2018 | Posted under Website

Funeral Innovation’s Growth Engine clients have probably seen us throw around terms such as organic, boosted and ads for Facebook. So what do they all mean? And what is better for your company? In this blog we will demystify the lingo and educate you on what’s what in the world of Facebook. Organic Posts: Let’s...

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New Campaigns for Our Clients! Check Out the Latest Growth Engine Content…

by Amanda Jones | February 16th, 2018 | Posted under Website

New Campaigns If you are already a Growth Engine client, you are aware of the dozens and dozens of high-quality, in-depth campaign content we have produced for you. But have you seen what is new? What To Do With Cremated Remains: This easy-to-digest, 4-page guide outlines numerous, unique options on what to do with cremated...

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Vitalboards / Vital ICE Selects Funeral Innovations as Preferred Marketing Provider

by Amanda Jones | February 12th, 2018 | Posted under Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2018 VITALBOARDS®/VITAL ICE SELECTS FUNERAL INNOVATIONS AS PREFERRED MARKETING PROVIDER: Preferred vendor will provide affordable, digital marketing packages for Vital ICE funeral home clientele Vital ICE has selected Funeral Innovations, for the second year, to be their preferred marketing provider - offering affordable, end-to-end digital marketing services for their funeral home...

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