Own Your Obituaries

It was announced recently that was acquired by a larger company, one that is heavily invested in the ad business. There was much discussion of this acquisition on other sites, and there seems to be a lot of confusion and misdirection re…

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Top 5 Funeral Innovations Blog Posts of 2011

The end of another year means another opportunity for a year-end list! Here’s you’ll find the 5 most popular Funeral Innovations blog posts of 2011. If you missed any of these, be sure to read up on them to stay on top of the industry! As a bonus,…

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SEO for Funeral Homes: Do Website Meta Tags Matter?

Many website owners believe the secret to good SEO is in the meta tags in the HTML head. But do meta tags actually matter? Short answer: Yes and No Meta Keywords To put it bluntly, if you are chalking your meta keywords tag full of words and phras…

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