New Facebook Newsfeed Rules Announced!

by Amanda Jones | January 17th, 2018 | Posted under Announcement, Social Media

Why the quality of your Facebook content and your overall marketing mix matter more now than ever. Facebook made a huge announcement this week about the way it chooses what is shown in users’ newsfeeds. Facebook’s VP of Newsfeed, Adam Mosseri, boils it down in an interview with Wired Magazine: “The new algorithm will favor…

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CASE STUDY: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

by jackie | December 07th, 2017 | Posted under Education, Facebook, Social Media

If you didn’t notice the ribbons, hot pink swag, or the thousands that walked in a local Race for the Cure, this October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With 1 in 8 U.S. women diagnosed, this is a worthy and major cause to participate in. This October, we ran a Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign…

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What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2018?

by zack | November 09th, 2017 | Posted under Announcement, Social Media

Are you feeling the pressure of a changing market? As community members increasingly spend time online, traditional marketing channels are drying up. Buying behaviors are now trending towards price shopping, online decision making, and ultimately less loyalty. This has resulted in many funeral homes and cemeteries fearing the future. But savvy operators understand that change…

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Is your website contract expiring soon? READ THIS!

by zack | June 02th, 2017 | Posted under Social Media, Website

Many funeral home and cemetery website providers lock their customers in with long term contracts. This is nice for the website provider, because then they know they’ll be making money from their customer (YOU) for a long time, even if their service and offerings stagnate. In fact, since they’ve got their customers locked in, they are…

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for Funeral Homes in 2017

by zack | February 24th, 2017 | Posted under Education, Facebook, Social Media

For funeral homes to successfully market themselves to their communities, they must constantly re-evaluate their digital marketing efforts to double-down on what’s working and cut the cord on what’s not. Complicating this effort is the fact that technology moves FAST, and new marketing channels seem to sprout like weeds on a regular basis. Don’t worry,…

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Go BIG with Facebook Videos!

by jackie | January 17th, 2017 | Posted under Facebook, Social Media

We are pleased to announce that our Holiday Posts are going to be a little different this year. Our set of 2017 Holiday Posts are not graphic, image posts… but videos! Holidays perform 40% better than other posts on average on Facebook. But with more competition for attention on holidays, it’s important to cut through…

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51 Posts of Special Days in 2017

by jackie | January 10th, 2017 | Posted under Facebook, Social Media

We are pleased to announce that our Special Days Feed in the Social Media Copilot is ready for 2017 and is bigger and better than ever! Holidays, and specifically Special Days, on average perform 40% better than other posts. Special Days delight, sometime surprise, and create great conversations through the post’s comments and shares. This…

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Do More With Less (Using Technology to Improve Your Funeral Home)

by jackie | November 03th, 2016 | Posted under Education, Email, Facebook, SEO, Social Media, Website

There are many ways that funeral directors can use technology to do more for less. Upgrading your accounting software, offering clients an electronic guest list, having an integrated business management software and using an online, integrated obituary system. These are all great technology platforms that can help you serve your families, in less time.  …

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7 questions to ask yourself when assessing your technology needs

by jackie | November 03th, 2016 | Posted under Education, Email, Facebook, SEO, Social Media, Website

A firm should assess its technology needs as often as possible. The beauty of technology is that the results can be measured in real time, so you can constantly analyze where your strategy is successful and where there is room for improvement. We suggest you review your firm quarterly or even monthly if possible. Some…

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