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Authenticating to Facebook

The Growth Engine needs to be connected to your Facebook Business Page to publish content. Periodically, the connection will be broken and you will need to reestablish the connection by authenticating the Growth Engine to your Facebook Business Page.  The most common reason for re-authentication to be required is changing a Facebook login password.

Below are the steps to re-authenticate the Growth Engine to your business Facebook page.

Important: You must be an administrator or editor to your Facebook Business Page before continuing.

  1. Go to https://funeralinnovations.com/users/login 
  2. Login with your user name and password
  3. Once logged in, click on the Facebook menu item on the left
  4. Click Please Authenticate Now from the red banner shown at the top of the page.
  5. Facebook will display a Continue as screen.  Click on Continue as (name)

    Although your personal profile will be shown (like the example below) nothing will ever go to your personal page. Business pages live under your personal profile.

  6. A drop-down menu will be displayed with all Facebook Business pages you manage. Select the  Facebook Business Page you would like to connect the Growth Engine to and click Connect.
  7. A confirmation that your page is now connected will be displayed. This confirms the Growth Engine is now connected to your Facebook Business Page.