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Creating a Video with Tukios

The Growth Engine works seamlessly with Tukios video creation platform. Once a video is created, the video and all images are automatically sent over to the obituary in the website. This process helps ensure the obituary is a lasting memorial for friends and family to remember.

Important: If you have specific questions concerning Tukios, please contact the company directly at 801-682-4390 or visit

Follow the steps below to create a video using Tukios within the Growth Engine.

  1. Go to 
  2. Login with the user and password
  3. On the left side of the dashboard, click Cases.
  4. Click Action on the case that you would like to create a video for.

  5. Click View/Edit to open the case.
  6. Scroll down and click Tukios Videos from the menu down the left.
  7. Click Initialize Video from Obituary Images.

    Note: You will not be charged until the video is complete. Once initialized, any images uploaded to the obituary will be automatically available within the video. This is a one time process. Any images added the obituary after initializing the video will not be available. You will be able to upload them directly into the Tukios system.

  8. The Tukios video creator will be displayed. Complete the steps to create the memorial DVD. Contact Tukios directly if you have any questions about the video creation process.