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Help Desk

Adding an Event

The Event Promoter is your personal PR agent! With just a few clicks, your event can be promoted to 1,000’s of people in your community.

Below are the steps to schedule an Event:

  1. Go to https://funeralinnovations.com/users/login 
  2. Login with your user name and password
  3. Once logged in, click Events down the menu on the left.
  4. Click Create an Event or Create Event from the top right section of the page.
  5. Fill out the basic information about your event, including the name, date and time, location and description.
  6. Add a relevant feature image and pick how you’d like your event promoted, such as your website, Facebook or newsletter.
  7. Review your promotion channels and schedule the event. We’ll take over and do the rest!
    • Website – Automatically publish your event to your website including all relevant information, photos, maps and a calendar signup.
    • Facebook – We’ll post your event to Facebook and boost it to right people, including your fans, folks in your community & even website visitors!
    • Newsletter – Promote your event right in your community’s inboxes: Access and edit your event newsletter campaign in a single click! No mailing list yet? We’ll help you grow it!


  8. You’ll get an email notifying you when the event is promoted to each channel, and you can monitor the results.