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Facebook Overview

The Growth Engine works tirelessly on your behalf to increase brand awareness, engage your community, drive leads and more. We’ll harness the power of software and combine it with proven, industry-relevant content that is known to yield results. You’ll continue to have full control, but rest assured your firm is in good hands when you are too busy to think about digital marketing.

The Growth Engine isn’t some cookie-cutter, one-size- fits -all, offering. It is wildly intelligent and continues to get smarter each day. The Growth Engine is constantly learning about your market, but is also analyzing countless other markets, to help your strategy adapt to maximize the results you achieve.

There are four key components to the Growth Engine:

  1. Facebook Posts: Maximize brand awareness and community education  through your business Facebook Page.
  2. Campaigns: Target your community on Facebook with a specific message that is inline with your business goals.
  3. Website: Create a hub for all your marketing efforts to build off of each other.
  4. Email: Extend your service and outreach to the inboxes of the community. Let them engage on their timeline.

Keeping a Conversation Going on Facebook

In this section we’ll focus on Facebook Posts. Whether you have never posted to your Facebook page, or post regularly– the Growth Engine will help you improve your Facebook presence. If you post regularly to your Facebook page, we encourage you to keep it up. However, the Facebook component of the Growth Engine will compliment your posts with a strategic plan that builds a foundation for other components of the Growth Engine. Let’s take a look at the content types that are part of the strategy:

Our objective is to position you as the go-to resource for grief, planning ahead and other funeral related topics within your community. Posts similar to the examples below help keep a consistent message within your community on Facebook will help achieve the above goal.

Funeral related posts are great, but you need to mix it up.  Being too “deep” into funerals isn’t often desired on Facebook. In order to maximize results, we will publish a wide array of topics to your Facebook page.

Holidays and Special Days often do well on Facebook. In order to help keep your firm current, we include Holiday and Special Day posts in some of our packages.


Facebook users love videos. We’ve seen this from our experience and our data backs it up. To help you achieve the best results, we have built a library of videos (availability varies by package).

One objective of the Growth Engine is to help you maximize brand awareness. This begins with helping distribute your logo within your community. To help achieve this, we provide the option to brand many images and videos with your logo.


Strategic Boosting of Posts

If you monitor your Facebook page closely, you’ll notice a wide variance on post reach and engagement. Don’t be concerned. This is expected and part of the overall strategy. Not every post will be a home run.  In fact, less than 5% of your fans are likely to see an individual post! Organic reach has steadily decreased as competition for a Facebook user’s news feed has grown.

But, all is not lost. The Growth Engine includes an advertising budget by default. The ad budget varies with each Growth Engine Package you are on. This allows us to increase awareness to a handful of strategically selected posts monthly.  This technique is known as “boosting” a post.

The image to the right highlights the increased reach and exposure due to “boosting” the posts.

The advantage of the Growth Engine is that we will automatically select the best posts to “boost” to ensure you maximize your results. Otherwise, you could easily find yourself spending more than what is necessary or attempting to boost posts that are not eligible.

Now it’s time to begin the steps to personalize the Growth Engine to your firm.  In a few minutes, you’ll begin engaging with your community like never before!

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