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Disabling Healing Registry (flowers) on an Obituary

There are times when a family wishes to prevent the public from purchasing flowers on their loved one’s obituary page. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the Growth Engine allows you to easily disable the healing registry for any obituary.

Follow the steps below to disable the healing registry on an obituary:

  1. Go to https://funeralinnovations.com/users/login 
  2. Log in with the user and password
  3. On the left side of the dashboard, click Cases.
  4. Click Action on the case that you like to disable flowers for.
  5. Click View/Edit to open the case.
  6. Scroll down the page and select the Family menu item on the left.
  7. Check the Disable Healing Registry box and then select Save Changes. Now, no website visitor will be able to purchase flowers or gifts from the obit.